Outline of the FLIP Trial versions

You can use up to six months after the application free of charge.
The use of the trial versions are permitted only when the applicant agrees with the Terms of Use.


 OS  Microsoft® Windows® 7 or later
64bit version
CPU   Intel® Core™ i series 2nd generation(Sandy Bridge) or later
Flowchart for application of FLIP ROSE trial versions
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Please apply for the trial versions using the application form in the following page:

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The FLIP trial versions can

-perform two dimensional effective stress analysis of soil-structure systems including liquefaction, compute excess pore water pressure generation and dissipation of excess pore water pressures with associated ground settlements during and after earthquakes,
-be used for studying cyclic behavior of soil (i.e. excess pore water pressure increase and associated change in stress-strain behavior)

 The new trial versions, the latest version of FLIP ROSE®(ver7.4.2) and the large deformation analysis program version FLIP TULIP®, are released!

The related manuals will be provided, however, n
o inquiry on how to use the programs is accepted.

Figures of the results by the FLIP trial versions are easily drawn by Notepad, Excel, and/or MicroAVS.
※The above program names are trademarks registered by the relevant corporations.

Limitations of FLIP Trial versions

The FLIP trial versions are based on FLIP ROSE ver.7.4.2® or FLIP TULIP® ver.6.5.0 with the following limitations:

Upper limits are 750 for number of elements and 1400 for number of nodes.

【Unavailable elements

linear beam elements, nonlinear beam elements, joint elements, bottom ground elements (viscous bottom boundary elements), dashpot elements, pile-soil interaction spring elements

【Unavailable functions】

simplified large deformation analysis, eigen value analysis, user defined subroutine