Academic Discount Version
400,000 JPY
 Simultaneous use license: One
Annual support service fee
(from April 1 through March 31)
First annual fee Free of charge
System requirements
Non-profit educational and public research institutions can apply for purchase of academic discount version.

For purchase of Academic Discount Version, you must submit a copy of a current, valid faculty identification, or a current, valid student identification or other verification of your academic status, originally issued in Japanese or English.

*Please read the General Terms and Conditions, the End User License Agreement and the Support Service Agreement before application of purchase.

Quotation Request Form
Application Web Form

Please review carefully the following notes before application.

FLIP ROSE ver.7 Series Academic Discount Version ("the Product") is available for purchase by the customers in educational or public research institutions and used only for non-profit research or education (use for commercial purposes, projects or any kind for a fee is not allowed).

■ Purchase Qualification
You must submit a copy of a current, valid faculty identification, or a current, valid student identification or other verification of your academic status, originally issued in Japanese or English, as requested by the FLIP Consortium.

A third party other than you is not permitted to perform all or a part of procedures related to purchase of the Product for you.

■ Fees
The following fees are required for purchase of the Product.
・Product Price (The first annual Support Service Fee is free of charge.)

If you are a customer outside of Japan, you shall also bear the following fees;
・Shipping and Handling Charges
 (see Schedule of Shipping and Handling Charges)
・Other Costs
  (import duties, taxes, withholding taxes, value added taxes and other additional costs), if any.
Other Costs may be assessed by customs or other regulatory or government officials during shipment of the product. Please note that we cannot confirm or calculate beforehand the actual costs tobe incurred.

■ Payment
・You must pay the Product Price and the Shipping and Handling Charges in advance by bank or wire transfer. All bank or wire transfer fees should by paid for by you.

If you are a customer in Japan, you can pay the fee for this Product and the Support Service Fee at the public’s expenses for educational or public research institution as follows.
・For purchase of this Product at the public expenses, the fees shall be paid by last day of the month after the month when this Product has been delivered to you.
・For payment of the support service fee or the reregistration fee at the public expenses, these fees shall be paid by the last day of the month after the month when the log-in ID and password for the Support Member Site has been issued to you by the FLIP Consortium.

■ Delivery
The USB Protection Dongle Key for the Product (“Protection Key”), and ID and Password used for downloading the programs (“ID/PW”) will be sent to you via FedEx within 14 business days after the full amount has been paid in full by you.

■ Cancellation
Cancellation of the purchase application is not permitted any time after you has made a bank or wire transfer.

■ Return/Replacement
You cannot return the Product for any reason except for the case described in Article 7(1) of the General Terms and Conditions.

Replacement of Protection Key is not permitted except for the following cases;
・If the Protection Key delivered to you is damaged, defaced or defective, we will replace the damaged or unusable Protection Key with a new Protection Key only when you notified us the fact in writing or e-mail within 30 days after the date of delivery.
・Any replacement of Protection Key after 30 day return period is prescribed in Article 8 of the End User License Agreement .

The first annual support service fee is free for customers who purchase Academic Discount Version.
*Refer to the Support Service Agreement for details of the support service.

・The contract period of support service is from April 1 through March 31 of the next year (Japan time).
・The annual support service Fee is 200,000 YEN after the first support contract period ends.
 Annual support service fee(April 1 through March 31):  200,000 JPY

・Registration in the support service for the second and subsequent years is optional (FLIP Consortium will ask you whether you wish to renew the support service or not every year.) The reregistration fee will not be required if you continue the support service without an interval. However, if you do not take necessary procedures for renewal of the support service until the end of May every year (Japan time), the reregistration fee is required for reregistration in the support service.
 Reregistration fee in support service:  100,000 JPY

・You will receive the rights such as for participating in seminars on usage of FLIP programs (held in Japan only in Japanese) and for receiving the Q&A Service for general technical use of FLIP programs (by web form, either English or Japanese) after registration in the support service.
 Q&A service for general technical use of FLIP ROSE ver. 7 series
(select from either English or Japanese)
 Participation in seminars on usage of FLIP programs
(free of charge, held in Japan only in Japanese))
 Program updates due to bug-fix

You will receive the executable programs compiled by Intel Fortran after you have purchased FLIP ROSE ver.7 Series. (You can check whether your PC meets the system requirements for run of FLIP ROSE ver. 7 Series or not by using trial version program.)

■ Other Notes
You will be granted a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to install and use FLIP ROSE ver. 7 Series when you purchased the Product.

FLIP ROSE ver. 7 Series is an analysis program. A commercially available software is required so that the analysis results are shown in figures or graphs.
You will be responsible for the use of and all acts performed using FLIP ROSE Ver.7 Series and their results.

Please read the End User License Agreement for details for use of FLIP ROSE Ver. 7 Series.

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