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PrivacyPersonal Data Protection Policy

The FLIP Consortium appropriately protects and handles your personal data (i.e. the data that can identify the specific person such as names, addresses and phone numbers) in accordance with the following policies, recognizing that personal data is your important property . For inquiry on personal data protection policy, get in touch with the Customer Service of the FLIP Consortium through e-mail (see below).

Personal Data Protection Policy
The FLIP Consortium uses your personal data which you provide us in the course of our business activities within the scope of the intended uses such as the following and does not use your personal data for any other purposes:
  • To proceed with admission to or withdrawal from the membership of the FLIP Consortium, receive an order of a product or service and provide you with it
  • To announce the working group meetings, seminars and symposia hosted by the FLIP Consortium
  • To respond to your inquiries 

The FLIP Consortium does not disclose or provide personal data provided by you to any third party without your consent except when there is a legitimate reason such as legal reason.

The FLIP Consortium maintains your personal data accurate and up-to-date, strives to prevent the unauthorized access to your personal data or the leakage, loss or damage of your personal data, continually enhances and remediates information security management.

The FLIP Consortium responds to your inquiries on your personal data and your request for amendment, addition or deletion of your personal data without delay.

Inquiry on personal data protection

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