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Aim and Activities

The FLIP Consortium aims at promoting academic and engineering science through research and development on upgrading and the advanced use of the computer programs ”Finite Element Analysis Program of Liquefaction Process/Response of Soil-Structure Systems during Earthquakes (FLIP ROSER)” and “Finite Element Analysis Program of Liquefaction Process/Total and Updated Langrangian Analysis Program of Liquefaction Process(FLIP TULIPR), and thereby advancing the state-of-practice in evaluating seismic performance of social infrastructures.
The activities of the FLIP Consortium include:

1) Research and development on upgrading FLIP ROSE, FLIP TULIP and associated programs (collectively FLIP) and promoting advanced applications thereof
2) Distributing FLIP and related manuals, allowing the use of FLIP within the FLIP Consortium, hosting seminars for beginners and workshops/working groups for advanced user, and offering general technical support on FLIP
3) Performing analysis and investigation using FLIP
4) Other activities for achieving the aim of the FLIP Consortium

About FLIP Consortium

A picture of the symposium marking the foundation of the FLIP Consortium
(at the Kihada Hall, Kyoto University, June 18th 2011)
The FLIP Consortium was established in February 2011, following the 14 years of cooperative research work among Port and Harbor Research Institute, Kyoto University, and Coastal Development Institute of Technology since 1997.


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FLIP Consortium

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