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This topic provides you with a list of frequently asked questions regarding the FLIP programs.

If your question is not answered below, please contact FLIP customer servise.

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FAQ about admission

Q.Can I apply for FLIP overseas membership anytime throughout a year?
A. Yes, you can apply for FLIP overseas membership anytim.
However, the fiscal year of the FLIP Consortium is from July 1 through June 30 of the following year (“Fiscal Year”).
When application is made after July 1 for a certain Fiscal Year, the Annual Membership Dues are the same and will be effective only to the end of such Fiscal Year.

Q.How long does it take for completing the whole procedure of admission to overseas membership?
A. In case of admission to overseas membership, preliminary operation check of network system is recommended and the period for admission depends on the period for operation check performed by the customer.

After operation check of network system, the period of admission varies with the period for document transfer and payment through banks. If everything is smoothly completed, the completion of admission procedure can take about 3 weeks. If admission to overseas membership is urgent, please begin the application procedure at your earliest convenience by considering the period of time that is expected for admission.

For inquiry, please get in touch with FLIP customer service (e_info@flip.or.jp).

FAQ about purchase

Q.Let me know FLIP ROSE ver.7 series program available for purchase.
A. FLIP ROSE ver.7 series is a program offered by FLIP Consortium for purchase by the customer (two dimensional version only).

Academic discount version of FLIP ROSE ver.7 series will be available for the customers in overseas educational institutions and public research institutes in October 2018.
The program is provided in load module and can be run in a single computer.

If you become a FLIP overseas member, ten licenses of load modules, that can run in computers connected through a LAN system, of the most recently upgraded FLIP ROSE programs are provided together with 3D version program and large deformation (finite strain) analysis program.

FAQ about FLIP programs

Q. Let me know the system environment required for FLIP analysis.
A. The following system environment is required for FLIP ROSE programs for overseas members and FLIP ROSE ver.7 series academic discount version to be released in October 2018.

OS:Windows 7 or later(64bit)
CPU:Intel 2nd generation Core I series(Sandy Bridge)or later
Recommended system environment is with main memory larger than 8 GB

Q.Is there a difference between the FLIP ROSE programs for overseas member and FLIP ROSE ver.7 series academic discount version?
A. The programs for overseas member and 7 series academic discount version are both provided in load module. There are differences in number of programs, number of licenses, and versions as follows.

【main program of FLIP】
ver.7 series academic discount version: FLIP ROSE 2D only

【number of licenses】
Overseas member: maximum of 10 licenses for computers connected through a LAN system
ver.7 series academic discount version: stand along version (one license)


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