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Phase 3FLIP research committee 2004-2007

 Major outcomes of the FLIP research committee phase 3 (July 2004 through July 2007) are as follows:

Upgrading of FLIP program

FLIP program was upgraded as follows;

Pre-stress (enforced displacement) in steel members
Order (user)-made beam element
Steady state of sand (Sus method)
Coupled analysis based on u-p formulation of porous material (allowing partial dissipation and redistribution of pore water pressures)
New dilatancy model for coupled analysis(liquefaction analysis through coupled analysis based on u-p formulation)

Modification of constitutive model
Various types of 3D elements
Practice oriented computational environment (including 64 bit version)
Other improvements

Advanced applications

The committee hosted the following working groups for advanced applications and state-of-the-practice.

Shear locking due to the lack of steady-state mechanism
Three dimensional analysis

Results of the research work through these working groups were summarized as the research reports to the members of the FLIP research committee. Some of the results were made available to the wider area of engineers and researchers as follows:

Short list of references in English (long list of references are available in Japanese HP)


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