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Phase 2FLIP research committee 2001-2004

 Major outcomes of the FLIP research committee phase 2 (June 2001 through June 2004) are as follows:

Upgrading of FLIP program

FLIP program was upgraded as follows;

Interative computational scheme with higher accuracy in effective stress model
Modified modeling of excess pore water pressure generation
Nonlinear soil-pile interaction spring for 2D analysis of soil-pile system
3D analysis
Other improvements

Advanced applications

The committee hosted the following working groups for advanced applications and state-of-the-practice.

Modeling of gravel drains
Modeling of pile foundations
Modeling of uplift of a buried pipe in liquefiable ground
Improved accuracy in numerical analysis

Results of the research work through these working groups were summarized as the research reports to the members of the FLIP research committee. Some of the results were made available to the wider area of engineers and researchers as follows:

Short list of references in English (long list of references are available in Japanese HP)

 1)   Y. Takeshima, S. Sawada, S. Iai, K. Ichii, O. Ozutsumi, M. Adachi, A. Yoshida, T. Ikeda, N. Ootsuka, Y. Umeki: Modeling of drainage behavior for dynamic effective stress analysis by undrained condition, Proc. of 13th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 2004.
 2)  K. Kitade, Y. Kawamata, K. Ichii, S. Iai: Analysis of laterally loaded pile groups using 2-D FEM, Proc. of ICSDEE & ICEGE Conference, 2004.


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