Overseas Membership
The Overseas Member shall be overseas juridical person or individual in overseas who endorses the aim of the FLIP Consortium.
program for Overseas Members
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 The Overseas Members of FLIP Consortium are entitled to

・Receive 10 licenses to use the FLIP programs in the load module and related manuals
One set (10 licenses) of the programs will be provided to one Overseas Member.
Language for the programs can be selected from either English or Japanese. (The upgraded and enhanced FLIP Programs and the related manuals in English version may be distributed later than those in Japanese version)
FLIPGEN Program in English version is not compatible with the FLIPGEN Program in Japanese version.
・Use the FLIP programs (within the organization or individual having membership)
・Receive general technical support service (Q&A Service) on the use of the FLIP programs
・Participate in workshops on the use of the FLIP programs and working groups on advanced application of the FLIP programs (held in Japan and only provided in Japanese)

“Admission Guide”, “Terms and Conditions” and “Procedural Flow of Admission”

You can apply for Overseas Membership at any time. Please download and read the following “Admission Guide”, “Terms and Conditions” and “Procedural Flow” before your application.

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Team Image
Team Image

Admission Fees

The Admission Fee and Annual Membership Dues are as follows. Please confirm “Notes” below.

Admission Fees
Admission Fee
Annual Membership Dues

 Before applying for the Overseas Membership, please confirm the notes in the right section.
 Readmission to Overseas Membership
Application for readmission to Overseas Membership is allowed only for voluntary withdrawal from membership defined by (1) of Article 14 of Overseas Membership Terms and Conditions.
Readmission Fee

Annual Membership Dues
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for Admission

Discount on Admission Fee is available for those who purchased FLIP ROSE ver.7 Series (excluding Academic Discount Version);
If you purchased FLIP ROSE ver.7 Series  Admission Fee
- Stand Alone Version (excluding Academic Discount Version)  1,000,000 JPY
- LAN-Compatible Version*  500,000 JPY
* If you already purchased FLIP ROSE ver.7 Series at the discount price which is applied to the purchaser of FLIP ROSE ver. 7 Series LAN-Compatible Version, the Admission Fee is 1,000,000JPY.

(1) All import duties, taxes, withholding taxes, value added taxes, consumption tax, charges and other additional costs (collectively, the “Other Costs) are NOT included in the Admission Fee, Readmission Fee and Annual Membership Dues.
(2) You shall bear all charges for shipping and handling during the admission or readmission procedures. See Schedule of Shipping and Handling Charges
(3) The Admission Fee, Readmission Fee and Other Costs paid to the FLIP Consortium are non-refundable except for cancellation by an individual applicant within the period specified in Article 5 of the Overseas Membership Terms and Conditions;
(4) The fiscal year of the FLIP Consortium is from July 1 through June 30 of the following year (“Fiscal Year”). When an application is made after July 1 for a certain Fiscal Year, the Annual Membership Dues are 300,000 JPY and will be effective only to the end of such Fiscal Year;
(5)If you register in FLIP ROSE ver.7 Series Support Service Agreement and already paid the Support Service Fee, the amount equivalent to the amount already paid by you for the said Support Contract Term will be deducted from the Annual Membership Dues.
(6)The Overseas Member shall bear all Other Costs and charges for shipping and handling incurred in admission or readmission to or maintenance of its membership.
(7) A third-party is not permitted to perform all or any part of the procedures related to admission or readmission to Overseas Membership such as payment on behalf of the Overseas Member.

Other fees as needed;
 Additional set(s) of the programs  1,000,000 JPY per set
 Annual Dues for Additional Person
(Registration of additional person(s) for Q&A Service)
 100,000 JPY per person per year

About the Payment;

Payment: to be paid by TT/Wire transfer in Japanese currency.
All bank charges shall be paid by the customer.
FLIP Overseas Membership will be effective after full payment is received by the FLIP Consortium.

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